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Morse Code Bracelet Set- Daddy, Daddys

Morse Code Couples Bracelets. Great couples gift set, or can purchase separately.

Item Details:

"Daddy" Bracelet - Size- 8.25" sized to fit most men
"Daddys" Bracelet - Size 7.25" sized to fit most women

"Daddy" Bracelet
Main color and dots - Hematite, hematite is known for its protective energy when worn over your vital pulse points, such as your wrist
Dashes- Black Agate

Main Color: Black Agate
Dashes: White Agate
Dots: Malaysia Jade Quartz

Bracelet Care:
Keep Bracelet dry, away from lotions and perfumes. Roll bracelet on and off hand.

Shipping Details:

- Discreet, your order comes in a plain bubble mailer and our company return address is abbreviated as C.C.

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