Captive Collars

Submissive Day Collar, Lock Pendant with Chainmaille Accent, Anklet or Necklace 24/7 Wear Locking Options


Submissive Day Collar - Lock Pendant with  Chainmaille Accent necklace. Locking options. Pick your accent color to make it your very own, made for 24/7 wear 

Item Details:

Lock Pendant- Stainless Steel

Chainmaille - Ice Black anodized aluminum with accent color of your choice (red is shown)
Chain- 3mm  Stainless Steel

Clasp Choices:

Lobster Claw Clasp – *Non-Locking, *Stainless Steel, *Hypoallergenic, *Non tarnishing *24/7 Wear     


Locking Clasp-   *Stainless Steel    *24/7 Wear    *Hypoallergenic

Locking Clasp, stainless steel, hypoallergenic, and 24/7 wear suitable! Insert ends together, then using the key, tighten screw to secure the lock. Sleek and discreet design, comes with 2 keys.


Shipping Details:

- Discreet, your order comes in a plain bubble mailer, our company return address is abbreviated as C.C. 

- If you are purchasing multiple items and would like them each in their own box, please let us know, otherwise we combine items.



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