You’ll love the sleek feeling of this O ring as reminder of owner's protection and love.

Our Customers Favorite BDSM O Ring Collar

Submissive Protection BDSM O Collar, Locking Option, 24/7 Wear


Discreet, with extras our customers love!

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Hi, I'm Jamie, Owner, of Captive Collars.

Welcome to our shop!

My vision is to design jewelry to express you and your relationship, and make it with the best materials for your needs.

I started Captive Collars in 2017 after failed back surgery’s that lead me to needing a career change.

Workshop Construction

Growth and Opportunity

I’m very passionate about our jewelry and our customers. 

Captive Collars now has expanded to many new lines of jewelry and keeps growing from all of your support!

This growth as allowed for construction of the new workshop.

Shipping desk

In our new workshop

This is our new workshop, where I have help with prepping, making and shipping.

This opens many doors to provide you with faster service, and more designs you are looking for.

We sell exclusively online. If you are looking for that perfect custom item, feel free to contact me, I enjoy working with customers to create what you are looking for. Thank you for visiting Captive Collars!