Littles Pride Flag

Little Space Pride Jewelry is designed for an escape from everyday life to a place of harmony and joy. With its five distinct pastel colors, each one conveying a particular emotion and intention. Expertly crafted with pastel green, purple, blue, yellow and pink, each color radiates its own unique message of love, security, creativity and innocence. Perfect for your little boy or girl, delight in the fashionable, exclusive feel of Little Space Pride.


Colors and Meanings


Pastel Green: green is most commonly associated with nature. Viewed as a symbol of harmony and health, love and security, and a little luck to guide us along the way.


Pastel Purple: any gender - middle, encourages an escape from everyday life through creativity and imagination.


Pastel Blue: male gender, little and baby boys, is traditionally associated with masculinity, loyalty, and peace.


Pastel Yellow: the color yellow symbolizes young innocence, a sense of energetic curiosity, and its bright and beautiful nature fills everything with joy and happiness.


Pastel Pink: female gender, little and baby girls, is traditionally associated with femininity, friendship, playfulness, warmth, and joy.