Hi, I'm Jamie, Owner, of Captive Collars. Welcome to our shop!

We are a small business with an amazing team, meet our team at the bottom of this page! 

Captive Collars came to life after I had some setbacks with physical limitations after failed back surgeries in 2017. I was unable to continue in my line of work and very limited to what I could do.

I had started dabbling into the making of jewelry prior to my new limitations, so I explored it more. There were a lot of struggles and trials at first, in the end, the hard work and determination brought beautiful results. 

I had many great customers cheering me on, letting me know they liked what I was doing, and they wanted more. Seeing I was on the right track continued the growth of Captive Collars. Captive Collars now has expanded to many new lines of jewelry and keeps growing from all of the support of you!

Now, I spend my days designing jewelry, making day collars, answering questions, shipping and much more. I am one of those people who can’t sit still, so I love every minute of what I do.

We are located in Wisconsin, the state known for its icy cold winters, and beautiful summers! 

We sell exclusively online. If you are looking for that perfect custom item, feel free to contact me, I enjoy working with customers to create what you are looking for. Thank you for visiting Captive Collars!




 Meet the Team:

Jamie: Owner/ Operator/ All tasks

Tiff: Assistant/ Maker

Haley: Shipper, Bracelet Maker

Tim: Ring Prep

Lynn: Shipper