We are dedicated to creating high quality classy and expressive jewelry with a modern appreciation that is catered to BDSM, LGBTQ and fluid gender identity with a fetish twist. The emphasis being on total inclusivity with quality materials and great designs that people want.

Welcome to Captive Collars! 

Our specialized team is here to make your jewelry shopping an exciting and individualized experience.

The Team:

Jamie: CEO 

Tiff: Shop Assistant

Lynn: Shipper, Maker





More about Jamie and her vision for Captive Collars

Welcome to our shop, I am Jamie, live and work in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA known for its arts and music scenes and amazing yearly festivals. After a failed back surgery, I had to rethink my work life and Captive Collars was borne. After exhaustive research and much hard work, which is still ongoing today, I was ready to launch my collections and have not looked back since.

 It is sadly the case that minority groups still find it difficult to be able to express themselves as they wish. My jewelry goes some way to being able to do this without fear of judgment and in a beautiful tasteful way. Some pieces are for serious commitments similar to wearing a wedding band, some are a little kinky sexy fun, but all are for an emotional self-finding which is vital for happiness.

 Stainless steel is my preferred material because it will not tarnish. This gives my customers the freedom to wear the jewelry 24/7. My pieces can be locked or not as you prefer and as they are waterproof, they can be worn in the shower, bath or whilst swimming. I love using splashes of grey, blues and black as gorgeous accents whilst keep the jewelry versatile.

I'm always happy to hear from anyone with ideas or suggestions as this really helps me to understand the needs of people and ensures I can keep creating designs that you really want. Please reach out and let me know if I can help you to create that perfect piece of jewelry for you.