Welcome to Captive Collars! 

Our specialized team is here to make your jewelry shopping an exciting and individualized experience.

The Team:

Jamie: CEO- Owner, Designer, Maker, Customer Service, Photographer, Writer, Shipper, All the Things

Tiff: Morse Code Queen AKA Morse Code Collar Maker, Customer Service

Lynn: Quality Control, Shipper


More about Jamie and her vision for Captive Collars

Welcome to Captive Collars, where creativity meets expression. My name is Jamie, and I call Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA home—a vibrant hub celebrated for its arts, music, and lively festivals.

Following a setback from failed back surgeries, I embarked on a journey of reimagining my professional path, ultimately creating Captive Collars. Through research and ongoing dedication, I've crafted collections that resonate with authenticity and passion, marking a transformative chapter in my life.

In a world where self-expression can feel like an uphill battle, our jewelry becomes a sanctuary of empowerment—an oasis where individuals can freely embrace their true selves without the weight of judgment.

At our shop, we've got pieces for those "I'm all in" moments, you know, like slipping on a wedding band. And then there are the ones that add a bit of sass, a touch of spice— perfect for some kinky, sexy fun! But hey, whether you're diving deep or just adding a pop to your style, each piece is classy and discreet, ready to join you on that joyous journey of self-discovery.

Stainless steel stands as my material of choice, renowned for its durability and resistance to tarnishing. This choice grants you the freedom to adorn your jewelry around the clock, whether locked or unlocked, and even amidst water activities like showering or swimming. Infused with subtle hints of color, our designs strike a balance between sophistication and versatility, ensuring they seamlessly complement any style.

Your feedback is invaluable to me—Whether you have ideas to share or seek assistance in curating the perfect piece, I'm here to listen and collaborate. Together, let's transform your vision into a cherished reality.


All the Best,