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Make Your Own Custom Morse Code Bracelet


Custom Morse Code Bracelet

Pick your word and gemstones to build your own custom bracelet! We use real gemstone beads in all of our bracelets. 

Sometimes two words will fit, if you order with two words and it’s to long we will contact you regarding this. We will use a matching disc or bead for the space between the words.

 Tip: 7” bracelet holds about 30 beads you can use the code chart to calculate the amount of beads your code will take



Black Agate, Dyed & Heated

Blue Weathered Agate,  Dyed & Heated, Frosted

Coffee Banded Agate, Dyed & Heated

Green Aventurine, Dyed

Grey Hematite

Malaysia Jade Quartz, Dyed

Orange Banded Agate, Dyed & Heated

Rose Gold Plated Hematite

Rose Quartz

Silver Plated Hematite

Tiger Eye

Violet Weathered Agate,  Dyed & Heated, Frosted

White Agate

Bracelet Care:
Keep Bracelet dry, away from lotions and perfumes. Roll bracelet on and off hand.

Shipping Details:
Discreet Shipping, USPS with tracking, packaged for gift giving

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