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DDlg Heart Necklace Submissive Day Collar - Locking Options - 24/7 Wear


Submissive Day Collar - BDSM DDlg heart necklace - Locking Options

Special colors brought in for this stainless steel heart collar, also available in our normal colors. 24/7 wear, can get wet will not tarnish.

Item Details:
Heart Stainless Steel
Chainmaille accent- anodized aluminum
Chain- 3mm Stainless Steel

Clasp Choices:

Lobster Claw Clasp – *Non-Locking, *Stainless Steel, *Hypoallergenic, *Non tarnishing *24/7 Wear

Locking Clasp- *Stainless Steel *24/7 Wear *Hypoallergenic *Non tarnishing

Locking Clasp, this lock is designed with an interlocking fit, no more struggling to hang onto prongs and other parts! Insert male into female end of clasp, they will stay together on their own. Then using the key, tighten the screw into the clasp to secure the lock. Made with stainless steel, hypoallergenic, and 24/7 wear suitable! Comes with 2 keys

Hex Lock- *Silver Plated Brass

Your choice of 2 sizes, a set of prongs that are attached to your collar and 2 hex keys. To use lock, insert prongs into ends of hex lock, hold pongs in place, tighten screw with hex key to secure the lock. Barrel made of silver-plated brass; prongs are stainless steel. Silver may fade over time, brass will not rust

Permanent Locking Link- *Sterling Silver *24/7 Wear *Hypoallergenic

.925 Sterling Silver lock link OD 6mm x 4.75mm this is small, requires a set of pliers not included, please see directions in pictures.

Shipping Details:

-Each order ships in a jewelry box, includes a polishing cloth and certificate of ownership cards. If you would like the owned cards left out of the order, just let us know.
- If you are purchasing multiple items and would like them each in their own box please let us know, otherwise we combine items.
- Discreet, your order comes in a plain bubble mailer and our company return address is abbreviated as C.C.

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