Double Rope Infinity Chainmaille


Byzantine BDSM Necklace, Discreet Submissive Day Collar. 24/7 Wear without worry of tarnishing, comes with matching earrings! A Captive Collars exclusive design.

This weave is made with high quality rings that will not fade or tarnish with daily wear. Rings are saw cut by hand to give each ring a flush closure. To make the weave I open each ring one by one. Each ring is then placed into the weave and closed. This repeated process is time consuming, with beautiful results.
Shown, is Primary of silver accent of 16. blue

Item Details:
O Ring- Stainless Steel
Clasps- Lobster Claw Stainless Steel
Infinity- Stainless steel

-Color may vary from computer screen lighting
-Handmade Byzantine weave one ring at a time.
-Jump rings made of anodized aluminum rings.
Enter color choices in order notes
1. Black
2. Silver
3. Gold
4. Bronze
5. Champagne
6. Green
7. Sea Green
8. Seafoam
9. Lime
10. Orange
11. Raspberry
12. Bubblegum
13. Rose
14. Light Pink
15. Red
16. Blue
17. Lapis- out of stock
18. Sky Blue
19. Purple
20. Violet
21. LTO Purple
22. Light Purple

Shipping Details:
Discreet Shipping, Comes with tracking number. Packaged beautifully for gift giving.

Watch Video of Captive™️ Lock Here

Captive™ Lock-  *Stainless Steel   *Keys    *24/7 Wear   *Hypoallergenic      This is our best lock, expertly crafted by us to be durable, stylish, and user-friendly. It securely fastens and releases with a key.

Captive™ Forever Locks-    *Sterling Silver     *24/7 Wear       *Hypoallergenic This lock is a single-use item. Once locked, it cannot be removed without cutting it. We include two locks for your convenience. Perfect for those who want to keep their jewelry secure and prefer a lightweight option.

Hex Lock-     *Silver Plated Brass and Stainless Steel - Medium strength lock fastens with a key, two keys included. Plating may diminish, revealing the brass underneath. Those with sensitive skin may find this irritating; we highly recommend the Captive™️ Lock as an excellent alternative, made of stainless steel which is hypoallergenic and retains its glossy silver hue.








*Chain choker collar, add at least 1" to circumference.

*Full chainmail necklace/anklet/bracelet, add 2-3" to circumference

*Lariat if wanting a 16" fit, the order should be 18"; the pendant would fit at 16" and the drop would be 2" longer. For other drop sizes, please note them in order to request that.


Measure Wrist/Anklet 

Using a measuring tape, wrap around ankle/ wrist, at the point of overlap is your circumference. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a strip of paper to wrap around your wrist and mark the point of overlap, then lay along a ruler to find your circumference.

To order size, take your circumference and add the measurement below to it.  

*Beaded bracelets: add .75"-1"

*Chain Bracelets and Anklets:  Add .25" 

 We make our items measurement end to end including the clasp/ lock. We allow .25" allowance in measurement. If you have questions about what size to order don't hesitate to reach out. 

Resizes are available on most items, price starts at $25. Resizes must be contacted for approval, within 3 days of delivery, and sent in within 3 days after approval. 


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