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Hex Lock To Make Your Collar Locking - Submissive Necklace - DDlg Day Collar

This is for the hex lock only, no collar is included. You can add this to your existing collar to make it into a locking collar.

What’s Included:

Hex Lock Barrel with screw
Two prongs with attached rings
Two keys

Hex Lock, your choice of 2 sizes, a set of prongs that are attached to your collar and 2 hex keys. To use lock, insert prongs into hex lock, then tighten with hex key.

Hex lock - silver plated brass
Prongs and rings- stainless steel

Shipping Details:
Discreet Shipping, USPS with tracking.

About Captive Collars:
Thank you for viewing my item! I am Jamie, owner of Captive Collars. Everything created at Captive Collars is handmade with thoughts of how to best capture your relationship! I enjoy working with my customers to create a perfect collar for them, please do not hesitate to contact me with special requests!

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